Waterman Thorobred with an XF nib

It seems that a lot of people are interested in vintage flex pens, particularly Waterman, and for good reason. Waterman, in the first half of the 20th. century, made a lot of beautiful pens with incredibly good flexible nibs. However, these pens are rather pricey and scarce.

The Thorobred, made in the 1930s, is a great, full-size pen. It's made out of gorgeous brown, red-veined celluloid, and has chrome trim. The nib is the same #2 nib that people know and love. This one is extra-fine in width when writing with normal pressure, and opens up nicely with heavier pressure.

This is not the softest nib I've ever used, but it does fall into the "medium flex" category, and can be used for shaded writing. The XF line is great for hairlines! This pen would make a great, affordable "first vintage flex" pen. Contact me if you're interested. Thanks!

Parker 51 Aerometric Navy Gray

Is there a vintage fountain pen that is a more iconic classic than the Parker 51? This particular pen is as close to factory-new as it gets. No, it is not New Old Stock (NOS), but it has been completely restored and now looks and writes great.

The Parker 51 is a often recommended to beginners but it is not often explained why. It's taken as a "truth" that wanders around the fountain pen community and is on a lot of people's lips. I believe that the Parker 51 is an extremely dependable and forgiving writer.

First of all, the ergonomics.  The long and smooth section allows all kids of grips, right or left-handed, and feels comfortable in the hand even for the longest of writing sessions. It can be used uposted or posted without disturbing its superb balance. The slip cap allows for quick use. It's a perfect pen for taking notes in meetings and lectures, and is ideal for writing on the go, journaling, even urban sketching.

The nib and ink delivery system are second to none. The nib is firm and smooth. It's forgiving of angle and rotation. It always writes, no matter the ink or paper. You can even fly with it without running the risk of leaks. If you've come to the fountain pen hobby from years of writing with a ballpoint pen, you will have a very gentle learning curve and an easy transition.

The Navy Gray color is a classic. The glossy stainless steel cap completes the iconic look. Please, visit the store for information on how to order. Thank you and enjoy!

The iconic Parker 51 fountain pen