Parker 45 with a Factory Italic Nib

If you read online fountain pen discussions, you will often come across the question of "who makes the best factory italic nibs?" It's not an easy question to answer, as most companies these days make stubs, rather than true italic nibs.

A sutb has rounded corners, which means it will be easier to use (that's what pen companies want), but it will sacrifice line variation. Most fountain pen enthusiasts love line variation, the more the better. This desired has given rise to the current trend of having factory nibs modified, re-ground to cursive italic geometry, by nib meisters.

While a nib mesiter can make the nib exactly how you want it, the service is expensive and usually takes several weeks, or months to be completed. This pen, the Parker 45, is a great alternative to custom-ground cursive italic nibs. It's a factory italic, which is a true cursive italic, and excellent line variation, but still gentle enough to be used with ease. In my opinion, this is a fantastic, affordable entry into the world of cursive italic, and it's a 14k gold nib to boot. To order, please visit my store or contact me directly.

Parker 45 with a factory italic nib.