Sheaffer Snorkel Special

To most fountain pen enthusiasts, the Parker 51 is the most iconic pen of the 1950s. However, to me, it is the Sheaffer Snorkel. The most technologically advanced fountain pen, with a filling mechanism that is as fun as it is efficient, and a nib that writes like a dream. Sheaffer had two kinds of nibs in the Snorkel line: a Triumph and an open nib. The open nib might be perceived as the more economical variant, but I happen to really like it and have never come across a Snorkel nib that doesn't write well.

This particular Snorkel, in beautiful pastel green, came across my bench in an unused condition. Still, the passage of time wasn't kind to the rubber components of the filling mechanism, so I replaced them, thus bringing it to factory specifications and functionality.

The nib is made of palladium silver, and, most likely, sold as a medium. Today, I would rank this nib as medium-fine. It's smooth, wet, and very enjoyable. I dipped it in Sailor's fabulous Jentle Epinard to make the writing sample. Hope you like it. Visit my store to see how to order this pen.

Sheaffer Snorkel Special in beautiful Pastel Green

Parker 51 Custom Canary Yellow

This is a one-of-a-kind fountain pen. A custom manufactured shell, made from high-quality acrylic, in beautiful canary yellow color, and a completely rebuilt pen on the inside. This is as close to a brand-new pen as it gets.

Parker 51 Custom Canary Yellow

The nib is a 14k fine with ample tipping material and perfect geometry, as good as new. It writes like a Parker 51 should - a fine, precise line, smooth, without hesitation, always ready. The cap is a high-gloss stainless steel with a black jewel, all intact and in great condition.

Contact me directly if you're interested in purchasing this pen. Thanks!

A completely rebuilt custom Parker 51

Parker 51 Aerometric Burgundy Fountain Pen M-F Nib

Have you ever wanted to try the iconic Parker 51 but were apprehensive about buying one in an uncertain condition? Well, this pen might be for you. It's been lovingly restored and it now functions as well as it did when it left the famous Parker factory over half a century ago.

My restoration included a thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism (including a new Pli-Glass sac), ink flow adjustment, and nib tuning. I also replaced the time-softened connector with a custom-machined replacement. This is a fabulous writer, with a smooth medium-fine nib, tuned to write just on the wet site. A joy to use.

Cosmetically, the pen only has the slightest surface wear. The Burgundy color is deep and vibrant. The stainless steel cap is smooth and glossy. The jewel intact. Click on the image below if you're interested in ordering. The pen goes on sale tonight (June 19th, 2016).

Sheaffer Oversize Lifetime Balance Marine Green

The Sheaffer Oversize Balance is one of the most iconic fountain pens of the pre-war era. Most vintage fountain pens are rather small by today's standards. There are probably good economic reasons for why that is the case, but I believe that smaller pens were more desirable because of the penmanship techniques used at the time. The so-called business cursive (a.k.a., "Palmer Method Business Writing") was written with a very light touch, the palm off the table, with just the fingernails of the ring finger and pinky gently skating across the page. Such a technique required a thing and light pen, so that it would become a natural extension of one's hand. Today, oversize vintage pens are rather scarce, and they command a premium among fountain pen enthusiasts. They're particularly suitable to today's handwriting, and their physical size attributes are more in line with modern fountain pens.

Sheaffer Balance Oversize in Marine Green celluloid

This particular pen is a writer's dream. The large Lifetime nib is slightly upturned (Sheaffer's trademark design) and the tipping material has perfect size and geometry to facilitate effortless and thoroughly enjoyable writing. The pen;s moniker, "Balance," captures the pen's ergonomics perfectly. A supremely comfortable writer, with a slightly tapered section with a gently rounded off lip, this pen will easily outperform most modern fountain pens.

A beautiful, huge two-tone 14k gold Lifetime nib. Firm, but smooth.

The Marine Green celluloid is a gorgeous material, though, now decades old it tends to be discolored. However, this particular material is still vibrant, with good depth and chatoyancy, and only slight discoloration. To avoid further discoloration, I fitted the pen with a silicone sac. There is some plating loss at the top of the clip, so this pen would probably not satisfy the high-end collector.