Sheaffer Snorkel Valiant "First-Year", XF

(SOLD) This is a 1952 Sheaffer Snorkel Valiant fountain pen in Black with a 14k gold, two-tone Triumph Extra-Fine nib and a 14k gold Snorkel tube. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, a thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, nib tuning, and a gentle hand polish. I work according to current "best practices" in pen restoration and I use high-quality replacement components, materials, and specialized tools.

Sheaffer Snorkel Valiant, First-Year, XF with the cap off

This is a rare Sheaffer Snorkel Valiant, made during the first year of production (1952), being equipped with a solid 14k gold Snorkel tube, which will never corrode or deteriorate. The pen is in excellent condition, virtually as good as if it was made yesterday. These pens are not easy to come by, especially in such great shape. What makes it even more rare is the Extra-Fine nib.

The phrase I wrote comes from a Sheaffer advertisement, and we can, of course, debate the statement whether or not any particular pen can add character to one's handwriting. However, there's something truly special, magical about the Triumph nib. By the 1950s, the Iowa company had perfected the Triumph nib and feed system. It's a rather elaborate mechanism, made for the purpose of buffering ink flow expansion due to heat generated by your own fingers and changes in atmospheric conditions. It's a system that's excellent at regulating the flow of ink, regardless of your ink, paper, or writing pressure, the Snorkel is going to write a consistent line. The Extra-Fine nib feels smooth and forgiving. There is no other nib, vintage or modern, that can feel as smooth while being so fine. Sheaffer really nailed the shape of the tip and the geometry of the tipping material, such that you're always in control, whether you write with a tripod grip or "death" grip, right- or left-handed, the nib will feel smooth and will write a beautiful line. That part of Sheaffer's advertising slogan is true, in my opinion.

Sheaffer Snorkel Valiant, First-Year, XF showing the 14k gold tube extended

The pen is in amazing shape, without any flaws or defects, with only the faintest wear. The 14k gold tube is in perfect condition, and will last a lifetime. This pen will be an excellent addition to your collection, a classic but rare, Sheaffer Snorkel, the most advanced fountain pen ever made. Needless to say, it also functions perfectly, filling with ease, holding a lot of ink, and being a lot of joy to use. I used Noodler's Manhattan Blue ink here.

Sheaffer Snorkel Valiant, First-Year, XF, capped