Parker "Striped" Duofold Ingenue Fountain Pen, Blue Pearl, F

(Sold) This is a 1940s Blue Diamond Parker "Striped" Duofold Ingenue Fountain Pen with a Vacumatic filling mechanism, in Blue Pearl celluloid, with a 14k gold Fine nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, a gentle cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, a nib tune-up, and a gentle polish with soft cloth. The pen measures 4.8" capped and 0.43" in diameter.

Parker "Striped" Duofold Ingenue Fountain Pen, Blue Pearl, F, uncapped

Which modern fountain pen would you call "cute?" There are lots of plain pens, elegant pens, classy pens, luxurious pens, beautiful pens, but cute?  I am sure you all can think of a lot of cute pens, but I'm finding the question difficult and a Google search isn't helping, either. However, if I am allowed to include vintage pens, it would have to be the Parker "Striped" Duofold Ingenue. 

Parker "Striped" Duofold Ingenue Fountain Pen, Blue Pearl, F, nib profile

Marketed towards women, the flagship Ingenue is a dainty pen that looks like a piece of jewelry rather than a writing instrument. Parker claimed that, in various opinion polls, "Lead and other pen," which was particularly true of the Duofold line. The gorgeous celluloid explodes in a rainbow of colors, vibrant and bright, resembling a Medieval stained glass window, including barrel transparency. The stylish gold-filled trim offers a bit of luxury, class, while adding some warmth to the dominant cooler tones of the Blue Pearl celluloid.

Today, marketing a "lady" pen would be risky, and calling it "Ingenue" might even be perceived as offensive, yet this pen is clearly made for a smaller hand. I can think of many scenarios where having this pen would be awesome, ranging from formal business meetings to solitary long writing sessions at your favorite coffee shop. And, with the holidays approaching, it would make a fantastic gift to usher a friend or family member into the exciting world of fountain pens. But most of all, this is one of the cutest pens I've ever seen, and that means a lot to me! How can you NOT be tempted add it to your collection?

The pen writes a consistent line of about 0.4 mm, and it most likely sold as a Fine. The 1940s Duofold nibs are not the most exciting gold points ever made, but they are responsive, reliable, almost business-like. This particular nib is no exception. It writes at the lightest pressure, but will take a heavy hand in stride, dampening paper vibrations with ease and providing that highly coveted gliding sensation as it moves across the paper.

The pen is in great shape! There are no defects or flaws. The material is beautiful, as is the gold-filled trim. The imprint is a bit faded, but visible clearly. The filling mechanism works easily, efficiently, and holds a lot of ink. You should be able to use most conventional inks currently available, just remember never to let ink dry up inside the pen. If you're going to put the pen away for a few weeks, just flush it with water a couple of times.

Parker "Striped" Duofold Ingenue Fountain Pen, Blue Pearl, F, capped