Sheaffer Triumph Valiant Oversize Fountain Pen, Marine Green, F

(On hold) This is a mid-1940s White Dot Sheaffer Triumph Valiant Oversize Vac fountain pen, in Marine Green celluloid, with gold-filled trim, and a 14k gold, two-tone, Lifetime Triumph nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, a gentle cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, and a gentle polish with a soft cloth (by hand).

Sheaffer Triumph Valiant Oversize Fountain Pen, Marine Green, F, uncapped, with the plunger partially extended

I think it's fair to say that the vast majority of fountain pens made in the first half of the 20th century are quite a bit smaller than modern pens. However, each of the major U.S. pen companies did make at least one oversize model to meet the needs of customers with larger hands. Such pens are exceedingly rare today, and, often, are sold at significantly higher prices than their standard-size counterparts. 

Sheaffer Triumph Valiant Oversize Fountain Pen, Marine Green, F, nib profile showing excellent tipping geometry and alignment. Also, note the clear ink window

I am really excited to be offering another Sheaffer Valiant Oversize today, a pen that's as beautiful as it is functional, and, yet, reasonably priced. This is a full-size pen, even by modern standards, measuring about 5.2" capped and 0.48" in diameter. Still, it's significantly smaller and lighter than modern OS pens, such as Delta Dolcevita OS and Visconti Divina Maxi, which tells you just how radically our taste in pen size has changed over the years.

The star of the show is the 14k Triumph nib. Designed on the "rocker" principle, with a slightly upturned tip, the nib produces the smoothest, most consistent monoline (about 0.4 mm on my paper), virtually regardless of your holding angle, rotation about the page, grip, or writing pressure. A conventional nib has a relatively small "sweet spot," a highly polished writing surface that creates optimal contact with the paper. However, if you rotate the nib  or change your holding angle, you will inevitably get off the sweet spot, causing variation in line width, disruption to ink flow, and that dreaded sensation of scratchiness. Not with the Triumph nib! It's a truly ingenious design and one that you really have to try to understand just how forgiving it is. 

The pen is in fantastic overall condition, without any flaws or defects, with gorgeous, vibrant, gleaming celluloid, and equally nice gold-filled trim. The pen comes with the high-capacity vacuum filling mechanism, which holds up to 1.8 ml of ink (using the two-stroke filling method).

Sheaffer Triumph Valiant Oversize Fountain Pen, Marine Green, F, capped

Detailed dimensions
Capped 132 mm
Unposted 113 mm
Posted 150 mm
Diameter 12.23 mm