Sheaffer Triumph Valiant Vac Oversize F

(sold) This is a vintage (early 1940s) Sheaffer Triumph Valiant Vac Oversize fountain pen in striated Carmine celluloid, with a 14k gold, two-tone Triumph F nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, nib tune-up, and a gentle hand polish. I use current best practices in pen restoration and high-quality replacement components. The penmeasures 5 1/4" capped, with a barrel diameter of 0.48".

Sheaffer Valiant Triumph Vac, F

This is a beautiful, rare, oversized wartime Sheaffer Valiant in gorgeous, gleaming Carmine celluloid. This was the largest pen offered by Sheaffer at the time, clearly meant to be marketed to successful men. Advertising often reinforces and normalized gender stereotypes, and Sheaffer's slogan (see the writing sample) is a perfect example of such a strategy. Clearly, the Valiant was meant to appeal to men's sense of dignity, while the Tuckaway was all about feminine daintiness. Today, such stereotypes sound socially unacceptable, but they do teach us a lesson about social norms of wartime America.

The pen is in excellent condition, simply outstanding. There are no flaws or defects, the celluloid is rich, deep, and vibrant. Nobody makes pen materials of such beauty anymore, well, except maybe Montegrappa. Why pay hundreds for a modern Italian celluloid pen if you can have this beauty for much less? In case, you're wondering, the gold-filled trim is in equally great shape.

The pen is an incredible performer! The larger size makes it perfect for today's handwriting. It will be comfortable and reliable for experienced pen users and novices alike. The Triumph nib, designed on the rocker principle, allows you to write effortlessly, to glide and hover, to write in cursive or print, small or large. The Fine nib has a huge sweet spot thanks to its genius design, and it is excellent at regulating ink flow. No issues with burping, leaking, skipping, or ink starvation. This pen was meant to be written with all day, every day, in all kinds of environments, on all kinds of paper. Whether you write at home, in the office, or in the field, this pen will be your faithful companion. I set ink flow to be above average in wetness, so you should be able to enjoy generous flow to bring out the beauty of your favorite inks.