Sheaffer Triumph Valiant Vac Oversize XF

(SOLD) This is an early 1940s Sheaffer Triumph Valiant Vac Oversize fountain pen in Chocolate Brown, with a 14k Triumph, two-tone, Extra-Fine nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, nib tuning, and a gentle hand polish. I use best practices in fountain pen restoration and the highest-quality replacement components available.

Sheaffer Valiant Vac Oversize, XF

During World War II, Sheaffer was at the peak of its technological capability. The Valiant was its top-of-the-line pen for men. Yes, gender stereotypes were often exploited and normalized by pen companies, and Sheaffer was no different. The Valiant stood for masculinity. It was large, thick in girth, and in colors that were supposed to appeal to men. This is a large pen (at least by vintage standards) measuring 5 1/4" capped, with a barrel diameter of 0.48".

This particular Valiant is in a rare Chocolate Brown, with an XF nib, and it is in excellent condition. It looks as though it had not been used much in the past. The color is deep, rich, and vibrant. The imprint strong. There's one flaw, a small scratch next to the clip, which is why I am offering this pen with a 20% discount. The gold-filled trim is excellent.

The pen writes a beautiful, smooth, extra-fine line. It's a self-assured, consistent writer that writes under the lightest touch. The Triumph nib is among the smoothest XF nib designs I've ever seen. Despite the line being thin, the nib never feels scratchy. It has an enormous sweet spot, so it'll forgive your grip or writing technique. It can write an even finer line upside down. The phrase I wrote comes from Sheaffer's advertising campaign around letter writing. Today, fountain pen users are keeping the snail mail tradition strong.