Sheaffer Crest Touchdown Pen and Pencil Set, M

(SOLD) This is an early 1950s Sheaffer Crest Touchdown fountain pen and pencil set in Burgundy with gold-filled caps and a 14k gold, two-tone Triumph Medium nib. The pen has been restored, which included a thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, a nib tune-up, and a gentle hand polish. The pencil has been brought to full functional order, and comes ready to write with a fresh refill. I work according to current “best practices” in the area of pen restoration and I use high-quality replacement materials and specialized tools. The set comes in its original case.

Sheaffer Crest Touchdown, M, with the cap off and the Touchdown piston partially extended

This is a beautiful set! The Crest was the top-of-the-line item in the Sheaffer catalog at the time, and it shows. The set is in excellent condition, looking almost as good as new. There are no flaws or defects, just one small scratch on the pencil's body. The gold-filled caps are in equally excellent shape. Today, as in the 1950s, this set would make a great gift for a graduation, professional advancement, or a birthday. The phrase comes from a Sheaffer advertisement of the Crest, as it was the model that the Iowa company was proud of being used by the U.S. Diplomatic Corps.

Sheaffer Crest Touchdown, M, showing a profile of the Triumph nib and a clear ink view window

The Touchdown filling mechanism makes this pen a lot of fun to use! It's a system that is currently enjoying a small, but significant revival with the likes of the Edison Beaumont and Eversharp Pneumatic Oversized Decoband pens, and for good reason, as it's an efficient, easy to use, and downright cool mechanism.

The Triumph nib sold as a Medium, but I'd rank it closer to a modern Western Fine. A fantastically smooth writer, it glides across the paper effortlessly, laying down a consistent line. I tuned it to writes a bit more wet than Sheaffer originally intended so that you could take advantage of and enjoy your inks' color, shading, and sheen. You can flip the nib upside down for an XF line that's equally smooth and enjoyable. It would be very difficult to find a modern gold nib that feels as smooth, but without the unwanted effects of an overly polished writing surface, such as hard-starts and skipping.

If you've never owned a vintage pen, the Sheaffer Touchdown is a great pen to start, and this one, in particular, looks as great as it writes. It comes with a fully functional mechanical pencil so you can take it to work with you and enjoy an incredibly versatile set of writing instruments, and at an affordable price.

Sheaffer Crest Touchdown Set in its original box