Eversharp Symphony 705, M

(Sold) This is a 1949 Eversharp Symphony 705 "Golden Symphony" fountain pen in Black with a 1/10 14k gold-filled cap and 14k gold Medium nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, a thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, a nib tune-up, and a gentle hand polish. I work according to current best practices in pen restoration and I use high-quality replacement components.

Eversharp Symphony 705, M, with the cap off showing the large 14k gold nib

This is a top-of-the-line Eversharp "Golden Symphony," a pen that succeeded the better known Skyline. The pen was larger, had a new shape, a distinctive cap, and the same, reliable, high-performance 14k gold nib and ebonite feed as the Skyline. The pen seems more uniquely suited to people who enjoy modern pens these days, as it is larger and more modern in both appearance and feel than many previous generation vintage pens (around 5.5" capped, with a barrel diameter of 0.46").

The main attraction here is the large 14k gold nib. These are excellent nibs, ground and tuned by hand, with an amazing ability to absorb micro-shocks and offer a superb, soft, and smooth writing sensation. The feed is know for offering consistent, rich flow of ink, which, combined with the softness of the nib, is likely to give you that highly desirable wet, broad line that's going to bring out the depth of color, shading, and sheen in your favorite inks. The nib likely sold as a Medium, but I'd rank it to be medium-fine by modern Western standards, at least when writing with a light hand. If you press harder, the tines are going to spread, giving you a hint of line variation that is sure to give a lot of character to your handwriting.

The pen is in excellent cosmetic condition, without any flaws or defects to the resin or the gold-filled trim. There's just very faint surface wear, difficult to see with the naked eye. A really handsome pen!

Eversharp Symphony 705, M, capped