Sheaffer Balance Vac M

(sold) This is a late 1930s Sheaffer Balance Vac-filler in striated Gray Pearl celluloid with a 14k gold Medium Lifetime two-tone nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, a thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, nib tune-up, and a gentle hand polish. This is a full-length slender White Dot Balance, measuring 5.3" capped with a barrel diameter of 0.42". I work according to current best practices in pen restoration and I use high-quality replacement components.

I get a lot of requests for pens with silver-color trim, as seems to be the current trend in fountain pen design. Unfortunately, such pens are rare in the vintage world, but today's pen is an exception. Made out of the gorgeous striated Gray Pearl celluloid, this Balance is in beautiful condition! The celluloid is deep, rich, and vibrant. There are no flaws or defects. The chrome-plated trim is quite good, given how poorly it typically holds up, and there's enough transparency in the barrel to gauge ink level easily. The imprint is strong.

The pen is a fantastic performer! The filling mechanism works efficiently and holds an incredible 1.5 ml with a one-stroke fill, and 2 ml of ink with a two-stroke technique. that's over three times as much as a typical cartridge. The nib is a beautiful, two-tone Lifetime nib that's in excellent shape, with ample tipping material, and of perfect geometry. What a delightful writer! The nib is smooth but confident. It writes under the slightest pressure and lays down a rich, consistent medium line. Medium nibs were rare in the 1930s, as most people preferred much finer tips. So here's a great chance for you to own a pen that's going to help you bring out the shading and sheen of your favorite inks.

The phrase I wrote comes from a Sheaffer Balance advertisement, and I happen to agree with its premise. These pens are built tough, despite their somewhat gentle, delicate appearance. A well-restored Balance is going to give you years of faithful and dependable service.