Sheaffer "Fat" Touchdown Sentinel Deluxe F

(SOLD) This pen is a vintage, 1950 Sheaffer "Fat" Touchdown Sentinel Deluxe in Black with a two-tone cap and a 14k gold Triumph Fine nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism (using best practices and high-quality replacement components), ink flow adjustment, nib tuning, and a gentle hand polish. This is the largest Sheaffer pen in the Touchdown and Snorkel line-up, except for the PFM. It measures 5 1/4" capped, with a barrel diameter of 0.45 barrel diameter.

Sheaffer "Fat" Sentinel Deluxe

In late 1949, Sheaffer introduced the Touchdown line of pens as a successor to the venerable Vac. The Vacs were fantastic pens and a huge commercial success for Sheaffer. However, they turned out to be expensive to manufacture and repair. The new Touchdown filling mechanism was just as easy to use, held a lot of ink, and was more economical for Sheaffer going forward. The filling mechanism is well-regarded among vintage fountain pen enthusiasts, and has recently seen a small but significant resurgence with the Edison Beaumont and Wahl-Eversharp Decoband.

The pen I am showing today is the "Fat" model, which is fairly rare, as it was only made for about a year, to be replaced by the standard, TM model, and the Snorkel, both pens significantly more slender. The pen feels substantial in the hand, similar in size to the Sailor 1911 Realo and Montblanc 146. If you've wanted to own a vintage pen but were apprehensive to try one due to its smaller size, look no further. This pen will feel comfortable, and it will offer a writing experience that few modern pens can match.

For Sheaffer, the Touchdown was an important milestone. An incredibly sophisticated pen in terms of design, but very elegant, streamlined, and easy to use. The filling mechanism works efficiently and holds a lot of ink. The pen is easy to maintain, flush, change inks, etc. A real joy to use.

The nib is the famous Triumph nib, with a slightly upturned tip, designed on the rocker principle. The nib feels smooth, steady, and effortless for just about any kind of grip and handwriting style. You can write with the nib flipped upside down for a needlepoint line that feels smooth. One of the best performers that Sheaffer ever made. The nib writes a true-to-size Western Fine line, so it's possible it sold as a Medium.

This is an elegant, handsome, classy pen, with its black body and two-tone nib and cap. There are no flaws or defects, just very minor surface wear. The cap looks great, with the gold-filled trim intact. Th phrase I wrote comes from a 1950 Sheaffer advertisement.