Parker Vacumatic Golden Pearl F

Saturday is the busiest day at the DC Pen Show. You've probably been through the show floor multiple times, and have already made a few purchases. If you're still hunting for that great vintage pen at a great price, I have a gorgeous 1946 Golden Pearl Blue Diamond Parker Vacumatic Major (5 3/32" capped), as part of my pen show discount week. I'm posting it early so you have plenty of time to think about it, ask questions. The pen has been restored and it's in great shape! It comes with a smooth, soft, Fine nib that I tuned to write a touch above average in wetness, so it will help bring out the best in your favorite inks. A restored Vac is typically a safe bet. It's an elegant pen, with dependable performance, and proven durability. The beauty of the gleaming Golden Pearl celluloid is breathtaking, in my opinion. As usual, the phrase comes from an old penmanship book.