Sheaffer Snorkel Valiant

(SOLD) In the 1950s, the US fountain pen industry was engaged in a race to perfect the fountain pen, to equip it with features that enhanced its primary function, that of the superior writing instrument. Sheaffer exploited people's aversion to the messiness of inking up their pens, and came up with perhaps the most elegant and technologically advanced filling mechanism ever made. The Snorkel delivered on its promise of "dunk free" filling, and gave its customers a pen that remains the pinnacle of fountain pen design. Yes, today, pen makers excel making their products desirable luxury items, but nobody has come close sheer utility of the Snorkel. This particular pen is a Valiant, a top-shelf model from the Snorkel line, vested with a smooth, two-surface, two-tone, 14k gold Triumph nib that sold as a Medium, though today, I'd call it a fine. The pen has been completely overhauled, restored to its original condition, and it functions as well as it did when it left the factory. Many fountain pen fans today yearn for the return of the Snorkel, but it's never going to happen. Still, you can have this pen, and enjoy it, as though it was brand-new. I hope it brings you the joy that only a great fountain pen can bring. More details, including the price and how to order,  on my website. The phrase comes from an old penmanship book. It makes little sense, other than in the context of practicing handwriting :). The price is $86, with free shipping in the US. Please, contact me by email on DM me on Instagram. Thanks!