Sheaffer Snorkel Admiral Black F

(SOLD) This is a vintage Sheaffer Snorkel Admiral fountain pen with a 14k gold Fine nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, overhaul of the filling mechanism (using best practices and high-quality replacement components), ink flow adjustment, nib tuning, and a gentle hand polish.

Sheaffer Snorkel Admiral, F

In the 1950s, Sheaffer made their last incredible innovations, and they found their way into the Snorkel and the PFM. Sadly, these incredibly sophisticated fountain pens lost out to the huge wave of changes in the pen market. Fortunately, today, we can still enjoy the Snorkel, which, if restored well, will continue to perform at the highest level for years to come.

The Iowa company recognized the changes in the market and adjusted their marketing strategies accordingly. A new series of advertisement campaigns ensued, centered around the idea of gift giving. A fountain pen was a common gift for graduations, professional promotions, and other occasions, and the Snorkel did, indeed, make a fantastic gift. But it was much more than that.

Themost mechanically advanced fountain pen ever made, the Snorkel is an excellent performer. The pen I am offering today, the Admiral, comes with the famous Snorkel filling mechanism and a 14k gold open nib. I've heard from some of you asking for more pens with traditional open nibs, so I thought this Snorkel would be a great pen to consider. Truly a fantastic writer, the gold nib feels soft, with a great feel on paper, instant start-up, a consistent and confident line at the lightest touch, this nib will give you performance that you can only get from very expensive modern pens. The nib writes so effortlessly, so pleasantly. The nib sold as a Fine, but I'd rank it closer to a modern Western XF, with a flow that I adjusted to be above average in wetness. You can experience that desirable floating sensation, but without flooding the page with excessive amounts of ink.

The pen looks as good as new. I hope you can see it in the photo. Everything fits perfectly, works perfectly. Remember, these caps are designed to operate at a quarter-turn only, do not try to force it past that point, or you risk damaging the threads. Modern pens usually take a full turn to close.