Eversharp Skyline Navy Blue Celluloid Cap Flex Nib

(sold) This is a standard size, early Eversharp Skyline in Navy Blue with a Red and Green striated celluloid cap (measuring 5 1/4" capped). The pen has a visulated section and a flexible Fine 14k gold nib. The pen has been completely disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, the filling mechanism overhauled with the highest-quality replacement parts, the ink flow has been adjusted, and the nib tuned. A gentle hand polish completed the restoration process, followed by testing with ink.

The Eversharp Skyline, introduced in 1941, is one of the best pens ever made. Most vintage pen aficionados seem to be in agreement about that. The company used an aggressive and inventive advertising campaign to sell the pen as having an advanced ink delivery system (even safe for flying) and a gorgeous, unique design, credited to Henry Dreyfuss.

Eversharp Skyline in Navy Blue with a Red and Green celluloid cap, flex nib

While the advertised features are generally interesting, to me, the Skyline wins because of its incredible ergonomics and fantastic 14k gold nibs. Have you ever used a modern OMAS Extra Flessibile nib? Well, the Skyline nib is similar, only better. This particular nib is flexible, by design, and is in excellent condition. It writes a Fine line, but opens up really nicely to at least BB, perhaps wider. I am not a fan of pushing flexible nibs too hard, so what you see in the writing sample is a conservative degree of flex that I dare try.

The nib has a unique feel, a very pleasant sensation, of gliding across the plane of the paper, as if hovering above it, while still being connected to it. No other nib (except the OMAS) feels like that. It has just the right amount of tipping material, and of perfect geometry, so there's going to be no issue with hard-starts or skips. The line is as confident as it gets.

The other winning feature is the pen's ergonomics. It's a streamlined shape that feels just right in thehand. The cap posts very deep, so you're never bothered by it, a property that I wish more modern pen makers would build into their pens.

Visually, the pen is stunning. The Navy Blue body is smooth, rich, and vibrant. The visulated section looks as clear as if it was made yesterday. The Red and Green striated celluloid cap is gorgeous, as is the gold-filled trim, and the instantly recognizable derby.