Sheaffer Triumph Vac Filler

This is a 1943 Sheaffer Triumph Vacuum filler fountain pen in striated Golden Brown celluloid, with a Fine nib. The pen has been restored, which included a thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filing mechanism, ink flow adjustment, nib tuning, and a gentle hand polish.


Sheaffer's advertising strategy for the Triumph nib was very simple - "This is the time to write" - and quite justifiably so. Yes, this was a very advanced pen in terms of design, materials, manufacturing precision, but it was all about the new nib. The Triumph nib was the ultimate writer's nib. Based on the rocker principle, the nib has a slightly upturned tip, which results in an extremely smooth writing sensation, virtually regardless of one's grip, angle, or rotation. The rocker principle is used broadly, from children's toys to sophisticated mechanical components, and it really makes this nib sing. Additionally, the nib has a supplemental writing surface. Flip the nib upside down for a hairline, which comes in handy in a lot of writing tasks. A fantastic nib!

The pen writes beautifully, the nib comes in Sheaffer's "normal" nib width, which is between today's XF and F. A very pleasant writer, with confident, consistent flow. I tuned it a touch above average, so you can get that coveted gliding sensation, but without flooding the page with ink. The tipping material is of perfect geometry and tells me that the pen had not been used much in the past.

Cosmetically, the pen is in good condition. There's excellent transparency in the barrel, so you can watch the pen fill and gauge ink level with ease. No flaws or defects, just minor surface wear. However, there's a slight deformation of the material toward the back end. Sometimes, celluloid will shrink over decades, if the pen is stored in adverse conditions, such as heat and humidity. The deformation does not influence the pen's function, but it's there, so I must mention it.

Because of the issue with the material, I am offering the pen at a 20% discount, which comes down to a very attractive price of $99 plus shipping. Please, contact me via email or Instagram DM. Thank you!