Parker Vacumatic Azure Blue Pearl F

Here's the classic, 1946, Parker Vacumatic in gorgeous Azure Blue Pearl celluloid, with a 14k Fine nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, nib tuning, and a gentle hand polish. This is a standard-size Major model, with a plastic plunger, measuring around 5 3/32" capped, with a barrel diameter of 0.48".

Parker Vacumatic in Azure Blue Pearl

There are three features of this pen that make it instantly recognizable as a classic Parker Vac. First of all, the alternating rings celluloid, with very nice transparency, so you can watch the pen fill, gauge your remaining ink level. The celluloid is rich, deep, and vibrant. It's a material recently resurrected by Visconti, who, it appears, found a limited quantity of old celluloid in a warehouse in Italy. The red hues you see in the barrel result from the transparency in the material, showing the warm color of the background. Next, we have the classic arrow clip, which has since become synonymous with Parker. Finally, the plunger filling mechanism, a Parker patent (based on Arthur O. Dahlberg's work), cleverly disguised by a blind cap, so as not to disturb the graceful lines of the pen.

The pen is in excellent condition, cosmetically, with only very faint surface wear, but no damage to the celluloid or the gold-filled trim. Functionally, the pen is in a condition as close to factory as possible. The filling mechanism operates smoothly, efficiently, and is really fun to use. The nib writes a true-to-size Fine line, and I tuned it to write a bit above average in wetness. Parker 14k nibs of that era are excellent. They're the result of two decades worth of R&D, and are among the best vintage nibs available. The nib feels soft on paper, it glides effortlessly across the page, having a really nice, springy feel. It writes at the lightest of pressures, but you can press a bit harder to get just a hint of flex. It's just a hint, it's not a flexible nib, but it makes a big difference in one's enjoyment of it. A fantastic writer!

The pen is priced at $149. Please, contact me if you're interested, either via email or Instagram DM. Thanks!