Parker Duofold Vacumatic Senior XXF

(sold) I receive a lot of requests for certain rare items. Perhaps the most common request I get is for a needlepoint nib. It turns out, a lot of fountain pen fans love such nibs, and they are in short supply. As far as modern pens go, you can order a Japanese XF nib, or you have have a Western nib ground to a needlepoint by a nib meister. In the vintage world, XXF nibs did exist on US-made pens, and they were typically called "Accountant" nibs. The pen I am showing here is comes with one of such nibs.

Parker Duofold Senior with a Vacumatic filler

The Parker Duofold Senior with a Vacumatic filler, in Green and Gold "striped" celluloid was a flagship of the Parker catalog in the 1940s. A beautiful pen! The barrel has excellent transparency, so you can watch the pen fill, and you can accurately gauge remaining ink level. The pen has been restored, which included a thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, nib tuning, and a gentle hand polish. This is a fairly large pen, measuring about 5.4" capped, quite substantial compared to most vintage pens of the era.

Cosmetically, the pen is in excellent condition. Clearly, it had been used very little in the past. It will be difficult to find another specimen of this model in such good condition. The celluloid is gleaming, rich, and vibrant. The gold-filled trim, equally excellent.

Functionally, the pen is a dream to use! I use the best current practices in pen restoration and always use the best replacement components. The filler works efficiently and holds a lot of ink (about 1.7 ml, three times as much as a cartridge). The nib is fabulous. Parker often advertised the Duofold as having "pressureless touch" and this pen epitomizes that claim. The nib writes at the lightest of pressures, grabbing on to the surface of the paper, and laying down a self-confident, consistent line. The nib is smooth, testament to Parker's nib grinding genius. I made sure it is tuned as well as it was when it left the factory, setting ink flow at a touch above average in wetness, so you can fully take advantage of the hairline the pen writes. It would be ideal for business cursive, or Spencerian handwriting, minus the shading. The nib has some give, being 14k gold, but it's not a flexible nib. Finally, it's a huge, beautiful nib, and it's in perfect condition.

The pen is priced at $190 plus shipping. Please, contact me by email or Instagram DM, if you're interested. Thanks!