Sheaffer "Fat" Touchdown

(SOLD) The Sheaffer Touchdown fountain pen was introduced in 1949 as a successor to the company's venerable Vacuum-Filler. It was another incredible innovation from the Iowa company, as the new filling mechanism was as easy to use, held a lot of ink, and, most importantly, was easier and less expensive to repair.

The Touchdown filling mechanism was inspired by the Chilton pneumatic filler of about twenty years earlier. Still, it was an elegantly implemented, precision manufactured system that employed a sac, but unlike previous sac-based fountain pens, the Touchdown system was much easier to operate and was significantly more efficient.

Sheaffer "Fat" Touchdown

This particular pen was made, most likely, in 1949. It is the first variant of the Touchdown series, and was replaced by the Thin Model (TM), just a few months later. As its nickname suggests, this model is larger than the TM model, and is, therefore, perfectly suitable to most people's hands today. It is also quite a bit more rare.

It is not in the best cosmetic shape, the material having deteriorated slightly over the years, probably due to improper storage, but it fills and writes beautifully. It's been restored, of course, and is ready for your favorite ink. The 14k, two-tone nib is firm, but smooth, and writes a delightful extra-fine line, so rare these days. The nib never hesitates, never skips. It reminds me in feel of modern 14k Auorora nibs, except that it is ground quite a bit finer than Aurora's XF nibs are today.

This pen is part of my DC Pen Show week special offer, and is available at a 20% discount, including free shipping in the US, and is priced at $53 (SOLD). Please, contact me, if you're interested in order.