Parker Vacumatic Burgundy Celluloid F

The Parker Vacumatic I am showing here was made in 1936. In the US, the major pen companies were thriving, with some incredible technological innovations being patented almost every month. The Vacumatic filling mechanism was perhaps the most important achievement in the fountain pen industry at the time. Parker refused to put any contraptions on the pen body (e.g., a level) so as not to disturb the graceful lines of a well-designed pen. However, coming up with an improvement over the aging button filling system was a challenge. The Lockdown Vacumatic mechanism you see here proved as elegant in terms of engineering, as it was utilitarian for the end-user. The button locks down to protrude slightly out of the back of the barrel, covered perfectly by a matching, threaded blind cap. The entire mechanism is made with incredible precision, it's easy to use and holds well over 2 ml of ink. The US and Europe were both enjoying incredible industrial growth, though in very different political climates. Western Europe was already feeling the threat of Nazi Germany, Eastern Europe being threatened by Stalin's communist expansion. During the 1936 summer Olympics, Jesse Owens won four gold medals to the shock and horror of the predominantly Aryan audience. Though we look at the pens of the era with understandable nostalgia, living in such a world would have been difficult. Still, such is our history, and we need to embrace it, learn from its mistakes. Using vintage pens brings us closer to appreciating and understanding that history. The pen is a Junior (4.89" capped & 0.47" barrel diameter). It is a standard girth pen, but with a slightly shorter length. Posted, it's a very comfortable writer, even for people with larger hands. A beautiful performer, with a Fine nib (closer to a modern XF) that never hesitates, never stumbles, a firm, but soft nib. The material, Burgundy celluloid, is rare among Vacumatics, and it has really nice transparency in the barrel, allowing you to gauge ink level with ease.