Sheaffer Snorkel Sentinel with a Broad Nib

Vintage pens usually come with extra-fine or fine nibs. There's good reason for that. In the first half of the 20th century, in the US, business cursive was the predominant handwriting style taught in schools and used in business. The style, also known as the Palmer Method, required a slender and light pen, with a fine tip, so that one could train one's hand to write with a very light touch, with an easy, flowing, smooth line.

It is, therefore, rare to find a vintage pen with an extra broad, juicy nib, just like this Sentinel. The Triumph nib is very, very smooth, and feels effortless on paper. The ink flows nicely, laying down a rich, juicy line, a real pleasure to use. If you're interested in ordering, please contact me directly or visit the store. Thanks!

Sheaffer Snorkel Sentinel with a broad nib

Sheaffer used codes, printed on the underside of the Triumph nib, to designate the tipping material size and the nib material used. Thus we have:

Material Tipping Geometry
2 - 14 karat gold open nib
3 - 14 karat two-tone palladium masked open nib
4 - Palladium-silver Triumph
5 - 14 karat two-tone palladium masked Triumph
6 - Palladium-silver open nib
G - Shorthand (Gregg)
A - Accountant (needlepoint)
X - Extra Fine
F - Fine
M - Medium
B - Broad (Coarse)
S - Stub

Sheaffer Snorkel Sentinel with a Broad Nib