Parker Vacumatic Major Black

(SOLD) The week before the DC Pen Show 2016, I have been offering special, discounted fountain pens for those pen lovers who aren't able to attend the show. Sometimes, at the show, if you are fortunate, you can get a really good deal on a restored vintage pen. Well, I am trying to give you a bit of that experience.

Today's DC Pen Show Special is a really nice example of the Parker Vacumatic from the 1940s in Black celluloid, available at the discounted price of $119, with free shipping in the US. The pen is really interesting, whereby the cap and the blind cap are opaque, but the barrel is translucent, in a laminated, Parker fashion. The pen is in very good condition, has been restored, which included an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, nib tuning, and a gentle hand polish.

Parker Vacumatic Major in Black

I was also able to restore the pen's transparency, though not completely. Still, you can definitely see the filling mechanism do its magic, and you can very accurately gauge ink level. These pens hold about 1.7 ml of ink, which is more than even the largest modern piston fillers.

Functionally, the pen works as well as it should. The filling mechanism is efficient (you fill the pen up in four to five strokes), and the nib writes a beautiful fine line, which borders on extra fine. If you like Japanese nibs, you're going to love this pen. It writes in a confident, self-assured manner, always ready, never skipping or skidding. There's a bit of feedback, but it's just there to let you know you're connected to the paper. A really pleasant writing experience. Please, contact me if you're interested in ordering. Thanks!