Parker Vacumatic Debutante in Emerald Pearl

I understand there is a huge and vibrant journaling community, with a strong presence on Instagram. I've seen countless amazing posts from, among others, @journallove @claire_ohl @thepostmansknock @catharinemisook, and it's clear to me that the choice of a perfect writing instrument goes a long way toward providing a satisfying journaling experience. Here's a pen that, I believe, will be a fantastic companion for those of you who enjoy journaling.

Parker Vacumatic Debutante in Emerald Pearl celluloid

The Parker Vacumatic Debutante in deep, rich Emerald Pearl celluloid, and a soft 14k gold nib is as beautiful as it is functional. The pen dates back to the 1930s, a time when journaling was commonplace, perhaps even more so than today. As the country was emerging from the Great Depression, the fountain pen industry was beginning to recover from recession, each major brand giving us some truly timeless pens at the time. It's hard to believe that such technological and aesthetic marvels were conceived during such a difficult time in history. The material itself was incredibly hard to make, requiring laborious processing, filtering, coloring, and curing in a manner that was exceedingly difficult to control. 

Have you ever wondered why Parker made so few lever fillers? For the longest time, Parker designers believed that a lever disrupts the beautiful lines of a fountain pen. The Vacumatic system remains hidden beneath a blind cap and gives the pen a large ink capacity. There's nice transparency in the barrel and a beautiful decorative jewel on either finial. The pen writes like only a Vac can. The nib feels soft and smooth on paper, with good flow, and that desirable springy, bouncy sensation. If you are interesting in purchasing, please visit my Store or contact me directly.