Parker 51 Vacumatic with a Fine Nib

 I've been asked several times lately for pens with silver-colored trim, as a lot of you seem to prefer it over the more flashy gold-filled "furniture." World War II ends, Europe lies in ruin, millions of people gone. Chaos, pain, grief. But also hope. Across the Atlantic, Parker makes the 51 Vacumatic, which must have seemed like a pen from the future, from a world untouched by the ravages of war, a happy world, one full of hope. It was Parker's single greatest achievement, as it propelled the company toward awesome, but short-lived prosperity. Do modern pen companies bring us such monumental pens? Do they fill our lives with hope? Perhaps. The pen comes with a fairly rare "Jeweler's " band, brushed stainless steel cap and a nickel-plated clip. It's been restored and it writes as well as only a 51 can. An ideal pen for fountain pen beginners, it is a firm writer, with a forgiving sweet spot, and a smooth feel on paper. The Vacumatic filling mechanism has no competition in the modern pen industry, an efficient system, gets you a full fill every time, holds about 1.6 ml of ink, twice as much as a typical converter. If you're interested in ordering this pen, please visit my store or contact me directly. Thanks!