OMAS Ogiva Guilloché Hi-Tech Trim XF Nib (SOLD)

Since the demise of OMAS earlier this year, many fountain pen enthusiasts have been voicing their sadness for the company and its incredible heritage. The pen on offer today is one of the company's iconic writers, the Ogiva Guilloché  with a Hi-Tech trim and an XF nib.

This pens came out several years before the more recent reissue, but it shares the same characteristics as the "Cocktail" series. It is made of the OMAS-exclusive cotton resin and comes with rhodium-plated trim. The nib is a large 18k nib, also rhodium-plated, with an XF tip.

The pen is in mint condition, though I do not have the box any longer. I only filled it to test it, and tune it. OMAS pens are sometimes plagued by excessive flow, so I wanted to make sure that the flow on this pen is generous, but restrained. Below, you will see two writing samples done with two different inks. The first, done with Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo, shows a broader, wetter line. The Pilot Iroshizuku inks are known for being wet, so, naturally, the line is thicker.

OMAS Ogiva Guilloché Hi-TechTrim XF, done with Pilot Iroshizuku Tsuki-yo

The second sample is done with Pelikan 4001 Black ink, which is known to have drier flow. As you can see, there's a pronounced difference in line thickness. Of course, paper quality will also contribute to line width variation.

OMAS Ogiva XF, sample done with Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Black ink

Cosmetically, the pen, the pen is in mint condition. There are virtually no sign of use. The pen looks like it was sold yesterday. A beautiful, classy pen. Most importantly, these pens are all gone and are never coming back. Finding an OMAS pen in such good condition is going to be harder and harder. If you're interested in ordering this pen, please visit my store, or contact me directly. Thanks!