Bexley Winter Wonderland LE Fountain Pen 18k Stub Nib (NOS)

This pen is a Bexley Winder Wonderland Limited Edition fountain pen with a 18k gold Stub nib. This pen is in a new-old-stock (NOS) condition. It was only dipped to writethe writing sample. Then it was cleaned and put back in the box. It comes with the papers, including Bexley warranty. I did make sure that the pen works properly and the nib is tuned as well as it should be.

This is a rare pen that Bexley made for Mr. Jim Gaston. It's a piston-filler, made in beautiful white marble and green acrylic, with gold-plated trim. Bexley is an American brand that has brought us a lot of amazing pens over the years. The pen is 5.2" capped 6.5" posted, and 0.52" barrel diameter. Very similar in size and shape to Aurora Optima.

The star of the show here is the 18k gold nib. It is a Stub nib that is smooth and writes like a dream. This nib is more of a broad cursive italic, with excellent line variation, but with gently rounded corners so you can write in a number of styles and by means of a number of grips. A forgiving nib. These nibs are gone from the Bexley catalog and are never coming back. This is your chance to own one of these well-regarded nibs. The piston works very smoothly, and there's nice transparency in the section so you can see your ink level. For ordering information, please visit my store or contact me directly.