Eversharp Skyline with a gold-filled derby

I consider the Eversharp Skyline one of the best vintage fountain pens. I am not the only one! If you read blogs and online discussions about vintage fountain pens, the Skyline comes up a lot as a beautiful, well-designed pen that is, above all, an incredible writer.

Eversharp Skyline with a soft, semi-flex 14k gold nib

This pen came to me in terrible condition. It was covered with old dirt and grime, as if someone had been digging with it in vegetable plot, using it to plant seeds. I decided not to give up on it because of the nib. This is a fantastic nib! One of the nicest Skyline nibs, of which there were several over the years. It is soft and semi-flexible, smooth, and wet. It has the attributes that a lot of fountain pen connoisseurs admire and desire in their pens.

It is not perfect, though. There were a couple of issues I wasn't able to get around. There's a tiny dent in the gold-filled derby, and there's some marring on the underside of the clip. Those are minor issues, but they're there, so they must be pointed out. If you are interested in this pen, please contact me or visit my store to see if the pen is still available.