Parker 51 Aerometric Black with a Fine Nib

One of the most enjoyable things about working on vintage pens is that every pen tells a story! I particularly love studying the pen's provenance, if such information can be procured. This particular full-size Parker 51 aerometric comes from a large collection. The collection was being sold, and I was fortunate to be able to purchase this pen. This 51 had spent most of its life in the safety of a case, and has been preserved perfectly.

The pen's cosmetic condition was excellent when I got it. I restored it to a condition that is as good as I could make it, and the only issue is very faint wear near the arrow head of the clip. I could have re-frosted the entire cap, but it would have brought the price of the pen up significantly, and I don't thing it's an issue worth addressing at this point. There's something truly classic and elegant about the black 51. A timeless design; it looks as good today as it did more than half a century ago.

Functionally, the pen is in excellent condition. I restored it as well as I could, including a new Pli-Glass sac and a breather tube. The connector was in perfect shape, so I didn'thave to replace it. The connector is the most precarious part of the 51. On some models, it tends to soften over time, and thus becomes unusable. Some restorers try to repair it by solvent-welding a piece of tubing or a custom-machined part, which restores its function rather well. I prefer to replace the connector entirely with a custom-machined replica,  but it wasn't necessary in this case.

Parker 51 Aerometric in classic Black with a frosted cap

The Parker 51 has the amazing feature of being always ready to write, even if left uncapped for a while. I sell a lot of 51s to college and graduate students and faculty. It's a great pen for taking notes in the lab or in the field. It'squick to deploy, posts really well, and writes the instant it touches the paper. The nib is resilient to pressure, angle, and rotation variability, so you can use it even in uncomfortable circumstances, when taking quick notes. Please, visit my store or contact me directly if you're interested in buying this pen.