Sheaffer Snorkel Admiral Canadian

The Sheaffer Snorkel is an iconic pen, no question about it. Sheaffer used to be a huge company, with branches in Australian and Canada. This particular pen, an Admiral, was made in the Canadian factory, and it's, therefore, quite a bit more rare than its US counterpart.

Most vintage pens, at least those made by the big-name brands, were designed with writing performance as a priority, and this Admiral is no exception. The 14k gold nib is a phenomenal writer. It feels soft and smooth on paper, but without feeling mushy or over-polished. It has precisely the right about of "tooth" so that it can grab onto the surface of the paper and write instantly, without hesitation. It lays down a line that I would describe as "medium-fine" by vintage standards, and "fine" by modern standards. It's slightly on the wet side, which most people prefer. The line is fine enough to be usable for most office applications, and broad enough to bring out the beauty and shading of your favorite ink. Truly, a great writer.

The 14k nib is smooth and wet, a joy to use.

The "Pastel Blue" is, in my opinion, one of the nicest colors of the Snorkel line. The color is rich and vibrant, and goes very well with the gold-plated trim. Clearly, the pen didn't see a lot of use over the years. It's in great condition, with only some minor surface wear. I do not polish my pens with abrasives. I believe it inappropriate, as harsh abrasives seem a bit too brute force for vintage pens. I only give my pens a gentle polish, just to give the surface a bit more sparkle. This pen didn't need much of that at all.

As expected, the Snorkel filling mechanism is a lot of fun to use. It works as expected, filling the ink sac to capacity with one swift stroke. The Snorkel doesn't hold as much ink as vacuum or piston fillers, but it's an amount comparable with most modern converters, perhaps a touch more. One fill is going to last a few days worth of writing.

Sheaffer Snorkel Admiral in beautiful Pastel Blue.