Sheaffer Triumph Sentinel Deluxe Set

This is one of the most beautiful pens I've ever seen. I do, of course, acknowledge the fact that my love of this design is rather subjective, though I have a feeling that the incredibly stylish appearance of this set would appeal to a broad audience.

Sheaffer created the Triumph nib and feed system during a difficult time. World War II was raging overseas, while many American companies were tasked with manufacturing components for the war effort. Sheaffer was chose due to its precision machining prowess, the same incredible skill that allowed it to conceive of and bring to market this technological marvel.

The nib performs consistently, regardless of ink or paper. It's said to also do very well with atmospheric pressure changes, and is nearly leak-proof. The writing experience is particularly pleasant for people who come to the fountain pen hobby from years of using ballpoint pens, as it is very forgiving of angle and rotation. The nib is firm, but smooth. A truly pleasant pen to write with.

The vacuum filling mechanism is second to none in terms of dependability, ease of use, and ink capacity. One push of the plunger gets you more than half the barrel full of ink, but you can fill it to capacity using the two-stroke method, as described in this YouTube video.

The pencil works great, too, and comes with spare lead. There's also a nice hard case, though it is not as well-preserved as the pen and pencil themselves.

Sheaffer Triumph Sentinel Deluxe set

Close-up of the gorgeous Triumph nib