Eversharp Skyline With a Gold-filled cap

Here is a classic vintage fountain pen, the elegant Eversharp Skyline in black with a gold-filled cap and a gorgeous fine nib. It's been lovingly restored and is now available for sale in my eBay store.

The history of the Skyline is well-known, so I will not repeat it here. Rather, I'll argue that, in my opinion, very few vintage pens write as well as the Skyline.

It's a supremely well-balanced pen. The barrel is streamlined such that it allows writing with the pen either unposted or posted, without changing the overall feel of the pen, its balance. Today, very few pens are made with such a feature in mind, except maybe for the classic designs such as the Lamy 2000, Pelikan M400, and Montblanc 146. Fountain pens designed in the first half of the 20th. century, were all about writing performance, and the features that they did have all enhanced the pen's utility as a writing instrument.

The section is long and slightly concave, but not too thin. For my hand, it's a perfect section, as it allows me to grip the pen easily and lightly. The threads are shallow and do not distract from the comfort and pleasure of using the pen.

The 14k Eversharp nib is known for its quality. Together with the large ebonite section, it lays down a beautifully smooth and rich fine line. You can write with the slightest pressure, but if you decide to press harder, the nib follows your lead nicely. This particular nib is not flexible, but it's far, far from being a nail like many modern nibs. It feels soft on paper. There's plenty of tipping material here, and it's of perfect geometry - a beautifully preserved and tuned writing utensil.

Eversharp Skyline, restored and ready to write

Eversharp Skyline, restored and ready to write