Sheaffer Snorkel Special Restoration

This is a very special pen, and not just in name! It came to me as New Old Stock (NOS), in its original box. A gorgeous Pastel Green pen with a medium Palladium Silver nib, though only an entry-level model in the Snorkel hierarchy. Still, to find an unused vintage pens, now over sixty years later, is a minor miracle.

Why does an NOS pen need to be restored? Well, the rubber parts do deteriorate over time. The Snorkel relies on an air-tight fitting of the internal components. It's a true marvel of fountain pen technology, but it needs to be maintained properly for it to work well. I replaced the ink sac, the Point Holder Gasket, and the O-ring. Fortunately, modern replacement parts are still being made, though if any other component fails, it will have to be replaced by a part from a donor pen.

As the pen waiting to be reassembled, I cannot help but think how different the fountain pen industry is today. During the first half of the 20th. century, the vast majority of pens were designed as writing instruments, tools of everyday writing. Today, most of the more upscale pens (say, those with gold nibs) are meant as luxury items. Yes, they can write, but writing performance is often an afterthought.

Sheaffer Snorkel components ready to be reassembled.