Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Golden Brown, M

(Sold) This is a 1942 White Dot Sheaffer Triumph Vac fountain pen in striated Golden Brown celluloid, with a 14k gold, two-tone Triumph Lifetime Medium nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, a thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, a nib tune-up, and a gentle polish with a soft cloth (by hand). This is a full-size pen, measuring 5.1" capped and 0.46" in diameter.

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Golden Brown, M, uncapped, with the plunger partially extended

"Here's a product utterly new, far ahead of anything in the field, and yet it includes many of the basic fundamentals that were engineered by us from the very beginning." This quote, and the one I wrote by hand, both come from Sheaffer's Chairman's remarks made around 1942. Sheaffer's Triumph point was a huge departure from "conventional" fountain pen designs, a pen so sophisticated, so brilliant in its design and craftsmanship quality, that it created a major shift (today, we'd call it a disruption) in the U.S. fountain pen industry.

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Golden Brown, M, nib profile

Sheaffer didn't just design another fountain pen, they engineered a writing machine, a self-contained system for delivering ink onto paper. We are fortunate that we can still enjoy these pens today, as many of them survived in storage, and, if restored well, they can be incredibly dependable and enjoyable writing instruments rivaling even the most expensive modern European and Japanese fine pens. 

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Golden Brown, M, nib close-up

The pen I am offering today is a great specimen of the Triumph Vac-filler. It's got the Iowa company's wartime DNA, including the gorgeous striated Golden Brown celluloid, the efficient, high-capacity vacuum filling mechanism, and, of course, the Triumph gold point. The pen is in excellent condition, without any flaws or defects. Barrel transparency is excellent, as is the gold-filled trim. A gorgeous pen!

The pen comes with a rare Medium nib. Such nibs weren't very popular back in the 1940s, as the ubiquitous business cursive required a very fine point. This pen was likely special-ordered to be used as a dedicated signature pen. Since handwriting has changed rather dramatically over the past few decades,  broader nibs are much more practical, and so here's a rare chance for you to own a gorgeous vintage pen with a Medium nib (about 0.6 mm on my paper). 

The nib writes a supremely smooth, confident line, as if developing a connection to the page, and, hence to your thoughts, getting out of the way of your writing, providing a cushioned, gliding movement, expertly dampening vibrations along the way. And if you need a finer line, simply flip the nib upside down. It was designed to be able to write this way, too.

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Golden Brown, M, capped