Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Carmine Red, XXF

(Sold) This is a 1942 White Dot Sheaffer Triumph Vac fountain pen in striated Carmine Red celluloid, with a gold-filled trim, and a 14k gold, two-tone Lifetime Triumph XXF nib. The pen comes with a matching mechanical pencil. Both the pen and pencil have been completely overhauled and function up to Sheaffer's factory specification. The pen has been disassembled, gently cleaned, the filling mechanism was rebuilt, the nib was tuned for optimal performance, ink flow was adjusted, and it was given a quick hand polish with a soft cloth.

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Carmine Red, XXF, uncapped, with the plunger partially extended

I have been hoping to have a nice offer during the holiday season, and I am so excited to have found a great Sheaffer pen and pencil set for you this year. This is a superb kit, ideal for the passionate writer. If you write a business cursive, Spencerian penmanship, or American Cursive Handwriting, this set will work like a dream. Whether you're an experienced scribe or just starting out, having the right tool is crucial, and, fortunately, this wartime fountain pen is among the best cursive writers I've ever tested. And, best of all, it is in awesome shape!

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Carmine Red, XXF, nib profile, showing excellent tipping geometry and alignment. Also, note the transparent barrel showing the background through.

What makes this fountain pen a superb cursive writer is the very fact that it was designed, from ground up, specifically, for business penmanship. Made during an era when handwriting ruled supreme, the Triumph is an utterly enjoyable writing instrument, rewarding its owner with consistent and forgiving performance, day in, day out. The Triumph nib, designed on the "rocker" principle, offers a firm, yet cushioned ride, accommodating a variety of grips, angles, and degrees of writing pressure. Despite having a very fine point (0.3 mm on my paper), it never feels scratchy, or even toothy, never catching the paper, even in rapid upward strokes, virtually regardless of its rotation about the page. And if you need an ultra XF line, simply flip it upside down, it was designed to write that way, too!

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Carmine Red, XXF, close-up of the beautiful material and strong imprint

The high-capacity, efficient vacuum-filled mechanism ensures long writing sessions between fills, and the transparent barrel allows you to see the ink sloshing around inside it. The gleaming, shimmering celluloid has a deep, rich, vibrant color and awesome chatoyancy. The gold-filled trim is in equally great shape, adding a tiny bit of luxury and "bling" to the set. Last. but not least, the pencil works flawlessly, comes with a full eraser, and is ready for the standard 0.9 mm refill.

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Carmine Red, XXF, capped