Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, Golden Brown, XF

(Sold) This is a c. 1942 Sheaffer Triumph Vac fountain pen and mechanical pencil set in striated Golden Brown celluloid, with gold-filled trim, and a 14k gold, two-tone Triumph Lifetime XF nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, a gentle cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, nib tuning, and a gentle polish with a soft cloth. I work according to current best practices in pen restoration, and I use the highest quality replacement materials.

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, Golden Brown, XF, uncapped, with the plunger partially extended

In my opinion, Sheaffer's Triumph gold point was the Iowa company's greatest achievement. It was a significant departure from anything that had come before. An entirely new, self-contained, efficient,  reliable system for delivering ink on paper. Today, we use fountain pens for fun, but back in the 1940s, they were indispensable tools, used all day, every day in all kinds of environments. A conventional fountain pen's Achilles heel was its somewhat unreliable, wet flow, which often caused problems, particularly on ordinary office paper. Such pens were also notorious for variability in performance as a function of grip, writing pressure, holding angle, even atmospheric conditions. Pen companies embarked on the pursuit of the Holy Grail of writing instruments, a pen that's as comfortable as it is reliable, as forgiving as it is precise, and as functional as it is beautiful. Both Parker and Sheaffer designed their ultimate pens, though they took entirely different approaches. For Parker, it was the 51, for Sheaffer, the Triumph vacuum filler.

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, Golden Brown, XF, nib profile, showing excellent tipping geometry and alignment

The pen I'm offering today is a fantastic specimen of this wartime model. Made of the gleaming, shimmering, semi-transparent Golden Brown celluloid, with impeccable gold-filled trim, this is a gorgeous pen. It's a full-size pen,  measuring around 5.1" capped and 0.45" in diametervery comfortable to hold, posted or not. The pen fills efficiently, holding a lot of ink (up to 1.7 ml using the two-stroke method). The nib delivers a steady, yet controlled flow of ink, laying down a consistent line of about 0.4 mm (on my paper). It's smooth without compromising its writing ability, and it's capable of writing rapid strokes  in virtually all directions (including curves). Unlike conventional nibs, the Triumph resists drying out, even if left uncapped for a while. The nib's incredibly forgiving of your grip and writing pressure. It has that awesome willingness, such a resolute, paper-grabbing, line drawing ability, with every stroke, the nib just wants to go forward, as if attacking the page, providing a direct conduit to your thoughts. The geometry of the Triumph nib (with the characteristic upturned tip) is the continuation of everything Sheaffer had learned in their famous R&D labs, and a brilliant achievement of design and engineering. And, the best part is, now this pen and pencil set can be yours!

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen and Pencil Set, Golden Brown, XF, capped