Sheaffer Balance Junior Vac, Rose Glow, XF

(Sold) This is a mid-1930s Sheaffer Balance Junior Vac filler fountain pen in Rose Glow celluloid, with a 14k gold XF nib. The pen measures 4.8" capped and 0.42" in diameter. The pen has been restored, which included a a complete disassembly, a gentle cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, a nib tune-up, and a gentle polish with a soft cloth (by hand).

Sheaffer Balance Junior Vac, Rose Glow, XF, uncapped, with the plunger partially extended

As the #fountainpenday2016 countdown continues, as part of my "special" theme, I have another beautiful, rare pen at a reasonable price. This Sheaffer Balance Junior Vac comes in a much sought-after Rose Glow celluloid. A truly distinguished, handsome pen, this Sheaffer will make a fantastic daily writer, and its gorgeous celluloid is bound to put a smile on your face every time you reach for the pen. And when you put it to paper, magic happens. A fantastic XF nib, it writes a line of about 0.3 mm on my paper, effortlessly gliding across the page, grabbing on to the surface of the paper, holding on, until you command it to stop. In my experience, very few companies make such nibs today; nibs with tipping geometry that promotes capillary action, allowing the ink to flow exactly right. The nib performs at its best with a light touch, but if you bear down on it, it will reward you with a pleasant "give," and will keep on writing, as it was designed to do.

Sheaffer Balance Junior Vac, Rose Glow, XF, nib profile showing excellent tipping geometry and alignment

The pen is in good cosmetic condition, with some wear on the cap and the chrome-plated trim. However, the wear is rather minor, and the pen is free from any flaws or defects. The filling mechanism is quick to use and efficient, holding up to 1.7 ml of ink (using the two-stroke filling method). The phrase comes from an old penmanship book.

Sheaffer Balance Junior Vac, Rose Glow, XF, capped