Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Marine Green, XF

(SOLD) This is a 1942 White Dot Sheaffer Triumph Vac fountain pen in striated Marine Green celluloid, with a 14k gold, two-tone Triumph Lifetime XF nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, a gentle cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, a nib tune-up, and a gentle polish with a soft cloth (by hand). This is a full-size pen, measuring 5.15" capped and 0.45" in diameter.

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Marine Green, XF, uncapped, with the plunger partially extended

Sheaffer was a mighty brand in the 1940s. Today, we take advanced R&D from companies such as Apple and Google for granted, but in wartime America, Sheaffer was a pioneer, a leader in precision product design and manufacturing. For the Iowa company, "the laboratory was the quality proving ground for all new materials, all new designs," and it is thanks to the progressive engineering and "watch-like precision" conceived in the lab that we can enjoy Sheaffer pens today, decades later. 

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Marine Green, XF, nib profile

It's no secret that celluloid can be a very tricky material to manufacture and to ensure its long-term viability. Even today, only a handful of pen companies use celluloid anymore, precisely because of how labor-intensive and unstable it can be. However, Sheaffer did succeed in creating a celluloid of superb quality and breathtaking beauty. The vast majority of Sheaffer pens I've worked on showed no signs of material deterioration, unless they had been abused or stored in severely unfavorable conditions. It's fair to say that a well-restored Sheaffer celluloid pen is going to last for years to come, giving its new owner a reason to write.

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Marine Green, XF, nib close-up

The pen I am offering today is made of the gorgeous striated Marine Green celluloid, with very good barrel transparency and a rich, vibrant color and depth. The pen is in excellent condition, showing only minimal signs of use. The pen is so gorgeous, so comfortable, so efficient as a writing tool that it's likely to bring a smile to your face every time you pick it up. With a completely rebuilt filling mechanism, the pen is a writer's dream.

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Marine Green, XF, capped

The Triumph nib is a superb example of Sheaffer's advanced writing system. Yes, it's not just a nib, it's an entirely different ink delivery system, never before (or after) seen on a fountain pen. The system is particularly adept at regulating ink flow, regardless of atmospheric conditions, ink, paper, or writing technique. With an oversize ebonite feed, you can be sure the pen will never starve for ink or refuse to write. The nib is ground to have two writing surfaces, a feature that inspired Sailor to employ it on its high-end Naginata Togi nibs. The nib is firm, yet feels soft, as it effortlessly glides across the paper. Are you left-handed? Do you write with a death grip? Do you have a heavy hand? No problem! The nib can take it all in stride. It writes a line of about 0.4 mm (on my paper), which makes it close to a Western XF, yet without the toothiness typically associated with extra-fine nibs. If you've been wanting a pen with a superb writing performance, a precise, enjoyable line, and a handsome, classy appearance, look no further!

Sheaffer Triumph Vac Fountain Pen, Marine Green, XF, posted