Parker Blue Diamond Vacumatic Major, F Semi-Flex

(SOLD) This is a 1946 Blue Diamond Parker Vacumatic Major fountain pen in Golden Pearl celluloid, with a 14k gold Fine semi-flexible nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, a thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, an adjustment to ink flow, a nib tune-up, and a gentle polish with a soft cloth (by hand). I work according to current "best practices" in pen restoration and I use high-quality replacement materials.

Parker Blue Diamond Vacumatic Major, F Semi-Flex, uncapped, showing the filling plunger

When Parker created the Vacumatic, it was truly a revolutionary pen (the phrase I wrote comes from a Parker ad). First of all, the graceful lines of the pen are not only ergonomically sound, but they are also undisturbed by any visible filling contraption such as a lever or a crescent. The filling mechanism is accessed by unscrewing the rear (blind) cap to expose a plunger mechanism. Next, we have the laminated celluloid, created by stacking up overlapping layers of clear and opaque celluloid, thus creating this timeless pattern of breathtaking beauty and great functionality. It allows you to clearly watch the pen fill and gauge remaining ink level with ease. Speaking of ink level, the Vacumatic has a huge ink capacity, easily holding up to 1.7 ml of ink. It was a lot then, and it is a lot now. Very few modern pens can boast such as large ink reservoir. Finally, there's the 14k gold nib. It's one of the best nibs ever made, in my opinion. Made in a process that's largely lost to us, the nib has an impressive ability to absorb vibrations coming from dragging the point across the paper. The nib feels soft and smooth, but without inhibiting its writing ability. The point is ground such that it writes under the lightest pressure, laying down a consistent line, regardless of stroke. Again, very few modern nibs can match this level of writing ability.

Parker Blue Diamond Vacumatic Major, F Semi-Flex, nib profile, showing excellent tipping geometry and tines alignment

When I tune a vintage nib, I try to preserve its original character as much as possible. It would be easy to just polish the writing surface with Micro-Mesh, but it would alter the nib's personality and hinder its original writing ability.  If you write with a heavy hand, this nib is not for you, as the tines will spread, increasing line width and ink flow. This nib really shines when writing with a light touch, and pressing harder only to add character to your writing, a little bit of line variation. I'd rate this nib as a semi-flex, meaning that it will easily produce a line of F-BB width. However, be careful not to spring the nib. If you're used to writing with a Noodler's Ahab or Konrad, you might be tempted to press hard, but I caution you not to do that. Start by increasing pressure in very, very small increment, and you will be rewarded by a beautiful line!

Cosmetically, this is one of the nicest Vacumatics to come across my desk in a while. The gleaming celluloid is rich, deep, and vibrant. Barrel transparency is excellent, and there are not flaws or defects of any kind. The gold-filled trim is in equally great shape. A beautiful pen! It would make an awesome daily writer (except on cheap office paper), and would be a fantastic gift for a close friend or family member to celebrate a special occasion. If you do buy it for a gift, please let me know and I will include a nice box with the pen.

Parker Blue Diamond Vacumatic Major, F Semi-Flex, capped. The orange tones in the barrel result from the background showing through the transparent material.