Sheaffer Triumph Crest Deluxe, XF

(on hold) This is a late 1940s Sheaffer White Dot Triumph Crest Deluxe fountain pen in Black celluloid, with a 14k gold, two-tone Lifetime Triumph XF nib and a 14k gold-filled cap. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, a thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, and adjustment to ink flow, a nib tune-up, and a gentle polish by hand. I work according to current "best practices" in pen restoration and I use high-quality replacement materials.

Sheaffer Triumph Crest Deluxe, XF, uncapped

Sheaffer pen in the 1940s were all of a handsome, streamlined design, relatively free of ornamentation and decorative motifs. Compared to modern Italian pens, the Sheaffer counterparts looked downright modest. Still, they were extremely elegant and not altogether devoid of a sense of luxury. The Crest Deluxe was the most "bling" you were going to get on a Sheaffer of the era, and what a gorgeous pen this is! The phrase I wrote comes from an advertisement, claiming the Crest was for people who appreciated the finer things in life. I cannot help but think how accurate that statement still is. The Crest is will make a fantastic office pen, a great daily writer, and that one pen you use for the special occasion, such as a celebrating a promotion, signing an important professional or personal document, etc. It is a large pen, measuring 5.15" capped, 0.45" in diameter.

Sheaffer Triumph Crest Deluxe, XF, nib profile showing excellent geometry and alignment

What makes this pen particularly rare is that it's a lever-filler. The vast majority of Triumph pens of the period were vacuum-fillers, and finding a lever-filler in such good condition is rather rare. The pen is, indeed, in great shape, free from any defects or flaws, with a deep, rich, glowing celluloid and equally beautiful gold-filled cap. A luxurious pen, but without a trace of gaudiness. The White Dot is located on the finial. There's nice, striated ink window in the section.

It writes as well as a professional pen should, laying down an XF line (about 0.3 mm on paper), in a controlled flow, slightly above average in wetness, and a smooth, gliding Triumph point that never hesitates, never falters. An XF nib without the tooth of a conventional, open nib, and a forgiving writer with a large "sweet spot."

Sheaffer Triumph Crest Deluxe, XF, capped

The pen is priced at $149. Please, let me know if you're interested in ordering it. Shipping fees are explained here. Thanks!