Sheaffer Triumph Carmine, F

(Sold) This is a wartime Sheaffer White Dot Lifetime Triumph Vac filler fountain pen in Carmine striated celluloid, with a transparent barrel, and a 14k gold, two-tone Triumph Lifetime Fine nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, a thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism (using "best practices" and high-quality materials), ink flow adjustment, nib tuning, and a gentle polish with a soft cloth (by hand).

Sheaffer White Dot Lifetime Triumph Vac filler with the cap off and the plunger partially extended

Sheaffer's wartime accomplished are second to none in the entire history of the pen industry. Never has there been a company that achieved such an incredible level of engineering sophistication, quality of craftsmanship, and beauty of design, despite severe economic restrictions and material and labor shortages. The Ioway company, tasked by the U.S. Government with producing precision armament components for the war effort, designed and brought to market its crowning achievement, the Lifetime Triumph Vacuum filler fountain pen in striated, transparent celluloid. A pen that reflects the phrase I wrote (out of a Sheaffer advertisement) like no other, a writing instrument as beautiful as it is functional.

Sheaffer White Dot Lifetime Triumph Vac filler, nib profile showing excellent geometry and alignment. Also, note the orange tones in the barrel showing transparency (the background showing through).

This particular pen is in exceptional condition. Rarely do I have the pleasure to restore these pens in such great shape! Clearly, this pen had not been used much before and it have been left in favorable storage conditions over time. The gleaming celluloid is breathtakingly beautiful, and, in my opinion, it rivals modern celluloid that so few pen brands use any more. Celluloid, the royalty of pen materials, is incredibly difficult to make, requiring a painstaking process of filtering, dying, curing, and baking that takes up to two years. An exceedingly expensive and scarce material, it's beauty unrivaled by even the highest-quality acrylics. And here, you have a chance to own this awesome vintage pen at a fraction of the price of a modern Italian or Japanese celluloid pen. Barrel transparency is exceptional, the imprint strong, and the gold-filled trim in great shape.

Sheaffer White Dot Lifetime Triumph Vac filler, capped

The nib is a joy to use. The Fine point writes a confident, smooth line at the lightest touch, but it will take more pressure with ease. It will make a great office pen, but it can also be your "fun" pen, as I tuned it to write just a touch above average in wetness so you can enjoy the gliding, hovering sensation. A writer like no other, the Triumph nib has to be experienced to fully appreciate its performance. It does look unusual to a vintage pen novice, but please, do not be put off by the appearance. The slightly upturned tip, based on the "rocker" principle, will feel smooth, while being forgiving of your holding angle and rotation about the page.