Parker 51 Vacumatic Cedar Blue, Broad Stub

(Sold) This is a Blue Diamond Parker 51 Vacumatic in Cedar Blue, with a rare pattern 14k gold-filled cap , with a factory 14k gold Broad Stub (1.2 mm). The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, a gentle but thorough cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, nib tuning, and a gentle polish with a soft cloth. This is a full-size Parker 51, a very rare pen, made in the U.S.A.

Parker 51 Vacumatic Cedar Blue, Broad Stub, uncapped

To kick off the Fountain Pen Day week, I have a very special fountain pen for you today. It's a very interesting Parker 51 Vacumatic. Two features make this pen particularly rare (1) a factory Broad Stub of about 1.2 mm in width, and (2) a 14k gold-filled cap with an unusual guilloche pattern.

Parker 51 Vacumatic Cedar Blue, Broad Stub, with the blind cap removed

The nib was Parker's special-order "Broad Stub," though, using modern "nib mesiter" terminology, I'd call this nib a "cursive italic," as it has impressive line variation, with a 1.2 mm downstroke and a 0.2 mm cross-stroke, at least on my paper. It's quite likely that this pen was ordered as a dedicated "signature" pen, as was in vogue in the 1940s. It was used sparingly, to write checks, sign documents, etc., and is in mint condition (see close-up photo). It took extreme precision manufacturing to grind a nib so perfect, particularly as much of the process was done by hand. The nib writes a delicious, juicy line that suitable for a variety of handwriting styles, ranging from a business cursive, all the way to formal italic. If you wanted to buy a modern pen with such a nib, you'd probably have to order a modification from a reputable nib-meister. However, if you've been wanting to write a one of the best cursive italic nibs ever made, here's your rare chance to try one. Whether you're a professional calligrapher, or a fountain pen novice, this pen will be a continuous source of joy.

Parker 51 Vacumatic Cedar Blue, Broad Stub, nib profile

Cosmetically, the pen is in excellent condition, without any flaws or defects, either on the pen body or the cap. There's just the faintest surface wear that's difficult to see with the naked eye. A fantastic specimen! Of course, the Vacumatic filling mechanism works very well, filling the pen up to about 1.8 ml, which is nearly three times as much as a typical converter. Quite frankly, it would be very difficult to find this rare pen in such excellent condition, unless you go to a large pen show and are prepared to pay a significant premium for it.

Parker 51 Vacumatic Cedar Blue, Broad Stub, capped