Sheaffer "Fat" Touchdown, Black, XXF

(On hold) This is a 1949 White Dot Sheaffer "Fat" Touchdown fountain pen in Black, with a 14k gold, two-tone Triumph XXF nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly, a through but gentle cleaning, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, nib tuning, and a gentle polish with a soft cloth (by hand). This is the largest Touchdown model, measuring 5.25" capped and 0.45" in diameter. This pen probably sold as an XF, but. by today's standards, it is an XXF (0.3 mm line on paper).

Sheaffer "Fat" Touchdown, Black, XXF, uncapped

Today, we use fountain pens mostly for fun, for the joy they give us. However, some of us still use fountain pens for work purposes, in the office, at school, taking notes in meetings, writing in our journals, and other purposes that require a fine, controlled, and consistent line that will not make a mess of poor quality paper. If you are in need of such a pen, look no further than this Sheaffer Touchdown.

Sheaffer "Fat" Touchdown, Black, XXF, nib profile showing excellent tipping geometry and alignment

This is the "first-year" model, also known as the "Fat" touchdown. It's significantly larger than the later TD and Snorkel models, and yet it has the excellent ergonomics and the reliable, easy to use Touchdown filing mechanism of its successors. Sheaffer claimed it was the "easiest pen to fill," and I completely agree with that. One stroke fills the ink reservoir to capacity, holding as much ink as modern piston-fillers. The Triumph nib writes a gorgeous, dependable 0.3 mm line, which puts in in the XXF category. However, thanks to its ingenious design, the nib is virtually free from the toothiness typically associated with conventional XXF nibs. Moreover, it will write rapid strokes in all directions without catching the paper. It's an ideal pen with which to write a business cursive or Spencerian penmanship (without swells).

Sheaffer "Fat" Touchdown, Black, XXF, nib close-up

This pen came to me in poor cosmetic condition. Because of the awesome nib, I decided to restore the pen, and I think I brought it close to my usual standards. However, some of the surface wear is still present, especially on the cap. Therefore, I am offering this pen at a significant discount. Why buy another TWSBI if you can have this fantastic vintage pen?

Sheaffer "Fat" Touchdown, Black, XXF, capped