Sheaffer Statesman Vac Blue, XXF

(SOLD) This is a mid-1940s White Dot Sheaffer Statesman Vac-filler in Blue with a 14k gold, two-tone Triumph XXF nib. The pen has been restored, which included a complete disassembly to clean it, an overhaul of the filling mechanism, ink flow adjustment, nib tuning, and a gentle polish by hand. I work according to current "best practices" in pen restoration and use only high-quality replacement materials.

Sheaffer Statesman Vac Blue, XXF, uncapped and with the plunger rod partially extended

This is a great example of the 1940s Statesman model, in a rare Blue color, with an XXF (almost a needlepoint) nib. I would classify this nib as a needlepoint, as it lays down a line of 0.2 mm on my business paper. On dry paper, such as Rhodia, the line might be even thinner, if you write with a light hand. The pen feels a little toothy (by design),  writes a very precise line, and it will make a great business cursive, Palmer Method writer in a skilled hand. If you are a beginner at cursive and want to learn it, it will be a nice pen with which to start your handwriting improvement journey. The filling mechanism provides efficient operation and holds a lot of ink.

Sheaffer Statesman Vac Blue, XXF, nib profile showing excellent nib geometry and alignment, a nice ink window in the section, and a slight plating loss.

Cosmetically, the pen looks fantastic, with a deep, rich, and vibrant color and excellent gold-filled trim. The only flaw that I can see is a slight loss of plating on the nib. It's difficult to see with the naked eye, but you should be able to see in in the close-up photo I provided. It's minor and does not affect the pen's performance in any way.

The Statesman is a decent-size pen, measuring 5.05" capped and 0.45" in diameter. It was marketed to men at the time. It posts very well and should be comfortable even for people with larger hands. It's an elegant pen and it would make an excellent office instrument, fine enough to write in tight spaces. Slip it inside the breast pocket of your suit, and let the White Dot and beautiful, streamlined cap and clip show off its classy appearance.

Sheaffer Statesman Vac Blue, XXF capped